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Litecast: Leading the way

Playing our part in a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

Spearheading the construction industry’s move to a more sustainable future, we were delighted to have been asked by Litecast to lead the way with this first-of-its kind in Europe APS installation at their £70million production facility in Nuneaton.

Unusually, LiteCast were able to use the energy produced by the solar install to power the Nuneaton site whilst still under construction. Normally, not yet being connected to the Grid would mean a delay for us beginning works, but thanks to SolarEdge’s APS mode, we were able to get going straight away, meaning LiteCast were able enjoy the cost and environmental benefits of solar power almost from day one.

Here at Your Eco, we are extremely proud to have played such a significant part in helping Litecast to achieve its goal towards becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral construction supply company by the end of 2022.

Key facts:

• 350kW solar installation forecast to generate approximately 284MW of electricity and offset almost 80 tonnes of carbon each year.

• Around 85% of electricity generated is consumed on site, meeting around 40% of the total energy demand.

• Comprising 1,019 solar panels, 511 SolarEdge Power Optimizers, nine SolarEdge Inverters and a SolarEdge weather station.

Thrilled to be acknowledged for our contribution in Coverage in Construction & Civil Engineering Magazine.



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