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Sustainability in Action

With a view to practising what we preach, Your Eco has taken steps to achieve the same standards of sustainability which we offer to clients. We are actively looking for ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the business and our employees. From being carbon neutral and offsetting all our emissions annually and for years to come in planting over 7,000 trees in a reforestation project in Central America, through to working from an off-grid office, an upcycled converted shipping container, we put the value of the planet at the heart of our action. Our company prioritises the promotion of a more eco-driven future and living a low-carbon lifestyle, and we only accelerate further in the green stakes as we build on our shared mantra of “People, Planet, Profit”.

Our Commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals


The core aim of SDG 13 is to tackle climate change and its impacts, through the promotion of renewable energy developments and emission regulation. 

This is the driving mission at Your Eco as through the provision of solar energy, we hope to mitigate global warming and reduce the UK's dependence on fossil fuels.

SDG 7 is calling for international efforts to substantially increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030.


Here at Your Eco, we provide just that, helping to transform the UK to a more carbon free economy, whilst also reaching global impact through our international development work. 


We Offset 100% of our Carbon Footprint


We are a proud supporter of Reduce Our Carbon, a charity that is helping to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy by connecting people and businesses that want to offset their annual carbon footprints to rural farming communities in Nicaragua that are keen to engage in sustainable tree planting initiatives.

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Our Results and Impact

  • Project Location: Boaco Viejo Nicaragua, 125km from Capital Managua

  • Our carbon footprint: 87mt requiring 4,000 trees

  • Total donation: £14,438

  • Participants: 45

  • Total number of trees planted: 7,219​​

    • 3,500 fruit trees​

    • 3,719 native woodland trees

  • CO2 offset: 158,818 kg, almost double our carbon footprint

Carbon Offset Case Study 2020: ROC Pilot Program

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We have a Completely Off-Grid Office


As a business that is driven to create a low-carbon future, we truly 'walk the talk' in what we do. Recent times may have brought greater attention and a shift to flexible working, although this is something we have always embraced as a business from our inception, understanding that in integrating innovative technologies we can be more effective and reduce our carbon impact by working virtually.


However, our new off-grid office, built out of an old shipping container and fitted with solar panels on the roof and batteries within, perfectly showcases what is within the art of the possible, demonstrating the small space concept and that there are alternatives to the traditional office environment. Situated in the centre of an idyllic Somerset field, surrounded by greenery and nearby fishing lakes, our off-grid office represents the values we hold to our core - nature and sustainability. Whilst all of our employees continue to work remotely to reduce travel emissions, this new office will serve as a great place to meet clients and provide professional in-person service or simply see what can be achieved. 

Committed to ISO 14001:2015


We are deeply committed to improving our sustainability as a business and are proud to be have received the ISO 14001:2015 accreditation. This accreditation requires us to create, monitor and maintain an environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance. The ISO certification will allow us to provide value not only for the environment, but also for ourselves and interested parties through the fulfilment of compliance obligations and achievement of environmental objectives. 

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Trees Planted


CO2 Offset (kg/yr)


Total ROC Donation