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How We Make a Difference to Your Commercial project 

As rooftop solar PV arrays become part of asset enhancement or an element of refurbishment building specifications, it is vital that these schemes have a cohesive design approach that embraces all elements of the project at the planning stage. Understanding the building’s energy profile and demand, the impact of the array on the building’s fabric and using the highest quality equipment throughout are all vital for success when you are looking at solar panels for your building. 


Our understanding of commercial solar and experience in working with a wide range of build materials, structural and operational restrictions and aesthetic sensitivities means that we can design and deliver solar photovoltaic systems, which satisfy; demand profiles, increased self-sufficiency and CO2 reduction requirements whilst harmoniously integrating with the building design and our clients' intentions. 

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Commercial Case Studies

Manor Farm,



The Duchy of Cornwall are experienced in the use of solar PV on many of their estates, however, they chose Your Eco for the installation of their first East-West orientated system at Manor Farm. Delivering generation that begins early in the morning and finishes late into long summer evenings, an East-West system was ideal for the arable farm as the steady electrical baseload produced closely matches the requirements of the on-site grain dryers and NFU office operations. Though the barn roofs were discovered to be asbestos, Your Eco worked closely with a local roofing firm to re-roof and install the solar within a three week period in time for the grain to be brought in from harvest.





Your Eco worked closely with the client to coordinate this 30 kW installation within a stringent site schedule across multiple buildings. It was delivered in a week-long programme with AC works being conducted by the on-site M&E contractor to ensure the scheme was value-engineered to the benefits of all involved.  The solar modules were wired into a 3 phase string inverter, which was mounted just below the roof space.  This placement allows the DC routes kept short, reducing voltage losses. The project also incorporated a generation meter and remote monitoring, which measures the total kWh generated by the array 24/7 through any device on an App-based platform.  The designers needed to take into account various planning and project management tools to coordinate a precise on-time delivery, the Your Eco way.

University of Bath,


A 70 kW solar PV system on the University of Bath student accommodation Polden buildings across 4 different roofs, comprising 254 x 275 Wp Trina honey modules with a Van der Valk lightweight mounting system. The project used 4 SolarEdge inverters and optimisers, providing module-level monitoring and optimal performance for the system designed. The 3 phase string inverters were mounted just below the roof space meaning the DC cable routes are kept short, reducing voltage losses whilst allowing ease of access and protection from the elements. 


Fussels Fine Foods,


Your Eco delivered this 250kW roof-mounted system for
Fussels Fine Foods at their new Parkgate Farm development near Frome. The system is the largest of it’s kind in the area and generates enough on-site energy to meet the base-load demands of their operations. This PV system and the partnership with Your Eco will ensure that the Fussel family’s values of quality and sustainable farming are maintained, whilst affording long- term energy security from a renewable source.

The PV system itself is compromised of modules from the world-leading PV manufacturer, Trina, with the inverters supplied by Huawei, a global specialist in energy management and automation. The array is mounted to the cement fibre roofs using a hangar bolt system, which is designed by the team at Sunfixings, a quality-driven UK manufacturing business we partner with. 

Church Farm,



Church Farm is situated in the beautiful Cotswolds area, a working farm with a plethora of other businesses operating across their estate. We worked with Church Farm to install an additional 30 kW Solar Edge extension on an existing 50 kW array to meet the additional demand on their ring main. As a large estate, the new solar PV system will help Church Farm save significantly on energy costs, whilst ensuring an environmentally-sustainable farming method is at the fore of their operations.  

Baileys Caravans,



Having installed a 250 kW system several years ago for our client, we continue to work alongside Baileys on their site to provide O&M services but also incorporate additional system monitoring capacity. As part of their ongoing development and expansion plans across their operational site, we have been developing additional schemes including the balancing of electrical loads to maximise self-sufficiency through clean energy generated on-site.

Feathers Farm,



Working for another agricultural client, a leading large-scale poultry farm, Your Eco installed a 250 kW solar PV system. Using top-of-the-line Solar Edge technology and JA Solar modules, this project was delivered to high standards and to budget through effective project management. Compared to a standard SMA inverter, the use of Solar Edge technology resulted in a 1.58% outperformance in energy production. Operating at a large capacity and with an energy-intensive building, the new PV system will provide a more cost-effective energy supply to Feathers Farm and help to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

Hewer Facilities,



A 30 kW system of clean, solar energy on the roof of Hewer Facilities Management in Gloucester. Incorporating a Solar Edge inverter and 108 Trina solar modules, this system represents some of the best of solar technology. Delivering an annual generation of 29,406 kWh/yr, this project will significantly improve the Hewer Facilities' bottom line through long-term energy savings and will provide a more environmentally-friendly upgrade to power the facilities. 




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