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How We Make a Difference to Your Commercial project 

As energy prices soar and the expectations of businesses to reduce their carbon footprint increase, there’s never been a better time to consider how Solar PV systems can enable you to manage costs and strive towards a more self-sufficient operating model.


Our experienced project management team will leave no stone unturned in understanding the exact specifications of your building and energy requirements before designing and delivering a world-class solution that perfectly suits your unique operation. And it doesn’t end there; post-completion, we’re on hand to monitor and measure output around the clock to ensure performance is optimised and any anomalies are resolved before issues can arise.


We understand the pressure to secure profitability and make wise investment decisions. Feel free to take us into the boardroom to bring the proposal to life and support in the decision-making process. We’re proud to play the role of trusted advisor, and testament to this is that 100% of our Commercial Briefs come from past clients’ referrals.

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Commercial Case Studies

Manufacturing Site,

​This groundbreaking initiative will reduce emissions, lower costs and ensure sustainable production for years to come! With the use of this innovative technology, the manufacturing site is committed to achieving its goal of its ESR strategy.  337 kW solar PV system using 792 x 425 Wp modules.

The system has an 315,000 annual generation with 1,521,000 kg of lifetime CO2 offset.  ​By investing in solar PV and renewable energy sources, companies can save money while also doing their part to combat climate change. Furthermore, with technological advancements, the energy generated from solar PV is becoming increasingly affordable and reliable. Solar panels are now more efficient, durable and require minimal maintenance – making them a viable option for businesses of all sizes.

Manufacturing Site,

A manufacturing site is taking a revolutionary approach to tackling the global energy crisis by using solar PV and other renewable sources of power.  565 kW for a large commercial business in the railway industry it is also the largest project Your Eco has done to date, and one of the largest standing seam roofs done in the UK. The mounting was ordered in direct from Van der Valk to meet the specific roof requirements due to the sheer scale. This business is taking advantage of the Solar Edge Advantage Scheme Using 5 x 90KW Solar Edge inverters and a PVDB board, so the plant room also benefitted from a Your Eco overhaul.

537,488 kWh annual generation, with an estimated lifetime offset of 103.98t, it has s impressive numbers on the renewable energy generation front.  Your Eco is here to help commercial businesses take charge of their future. With our solar PV and battery storage systems, you can reduce your ongoing energy costs and gain greater control over your energy consumption.

Spectra Group,


Spectra Group are now the proud owners of this bespoke ground mount, courtesy of Your Eco. We recommended a bespoke build for this one, to allow the 50kW array to be positioned as two sections and to minimise shading as much as possible.


Situated carefully in between the trees, the array of sleek, all black Trina panel sits in harmony with the landscape. Rather awkwardly, the initial solution to the brief would have resulted in a quantity of panels which left mismatched ends, but thanks to our pride in always delivering a good-looking setup (and perhaps, a good deal of OCD!), the client received a bonus couple of panels on us to ensure a sleek finish

St Austell Hospital,


A special project in so many ways, it was our privilege to be asked by the NHS to design and install this system onto a hospital roof.


This fully operational hospital required a detailed structural report initially, to ensure the roof was capable of supporting the additional load of the panels. Along with this, patient dignity was an absolute priority, so we worked across multiple locations to minimise disruption and visibility to those inside the building. We teamed up with the on-site electrical department to ensure the back-up generators would never be affected by the Solar PV, and that we were able to install without affecting their current power supply at any point.


Naturally, being a hospital, it was absolutely critical that the system was 100% reliable therefore a 90kW Solar Edge inverter was selected to manage the conversion of the electrical current. We used a grand total of 199 of our typical and trusted Trina modules, mounted upon a Van Der Valk Ballast flat roof system.

Breedon on the Hill,

Nestled in the Breedon on the Hill quarry, is Breedon HQ – home to the UK's largest independent construction materials firm. Despite their size and growth, their focus on a net zero operation has not waned.

There was instant chemistry between us and Breedon’s ethical mindset, family-roots and personal approach. Naturally, this meant we were immediately on board with their carbon reduction strategy.

Working alongside a historical solar PV installation, aesthetics were at the fore, whilst not compromising on performance. In fact, the industry-leading, optimised Solar Edge solution allows for app-based monitoring of each panel. And, if you ever find yourself setting foot in Breedon HQ, you’ll see the output dashboard is proudly on display on a large monitor in the main foyer.

No stranger to green energy, this well-established family business briefed us integrate additional renewable energy onto their busy site. We recommended a bespoke solar PV system that worked in conjunction with two existing wind turbines as well as future-proofing the system in line with the growing business. 


Working closely with Western Power Distribution and our partners at PAD Technology we used a G100 export limitation system to maximise generation capacity and fully harmonise the solar and wind assets together with the grid.


With the installation delivering an annual estimated carbon offset equivalent to planting 4200 trees, it was a pleasure to go above and beyond and support this renowned British gardenware brand in going even greener.

Woodlodge - Tetbury,

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