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Solar PV: The best way for farms to control their energy security


The countryside is the natural habitat for the Your Eco team. With most of us living, working and playing in a rural environment, we have an innate understanding of the farming world and the constraints and challenges that go alongside. Naturally, because of this, we have extensive experience across the different types of farms and understand the variety of energy needs from one type to the next. We also appreciate just how volatile the variable overheads are right now and can help get energy supply under control, allowing you to focus on your core business; profitable farming.

We love nothing more than sitting around the kitchen table in the farmhouse to discuss how our bespoke, technical solutions can help you meet your energy needs. And in turn, we’re also not afraid to recommend an alternative solution, if what we provide isn’t quite the right fit. It’s a collaborative approach, and we like you to think of us as a trusted advisor. It’s thanks to this and our well-established rural network that 100% of our agricultural briefs are from referrals.


Give us a call or an email and pop the kettle on; we’d be delighted to take some of the worry away with a planet-friendly, solar energy solution that works for your business, along with the exceptionally high standard of delivery and follow through you deserve.

Agricultural Solar Case Studies

Feathers Farm,



Working for another agricultural client, a leading large-scale poultry farm, Your Eco installed a 250 kW solar PV system. Using top-of-the-line Solar Edge technology and JA Solar modules, this project was delivered to high standards and to budget through effective project management. Compared to a standard SMA inverter, the use of Solar Edge technology resulted in a 1.58% outperformance in energy production. Operating at a large capacity and with an energy-intensive building, the new PV system will provide a more cost-effective energy supply to Feathers Farm and help to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. 

Fussels Fine Foods,


Your Eco installed this 250kW roof-mounted system for
Fussels Fine Foods at their new Parkgate Farm development near Frome. The system is the largest of it’s kind in the area and generates enough on-site energy to meet the base-load demands of their operations. This PV system and the partnership with Your Eco will ensure that the Fussel family’s values of quality and sustainable farming are maintained, whilst affording long- term energy security from a renewable source.

The PV system itself is compromised of modules from the world-leading PV manufacturer, Trina, with the inverters supplied by Huawei, a global specialist in energy management and automation. The array is mounted to the cement fibre roofs using a hangar bolt system, which is designed by the team at Sunfixings, a quality-driven UK manufacturing business we partner with. 

Agricultural Solar Case Studies

Devonshire Poultry,

When Devonshire poultry approached us to come up with a high-quality system that worked effectively on their specific roof type, we rose to the challenge. So much so, that we brought in specialised Van Der Valk mounting components including the use of rivets direct from our supplier in Holland; testament to our ability to provide a solution for pretty much all roof types.

Coupled with the gold standard combination of Trina Solar Panels and Solar Edge Inverters, this chicken farm now set up to use 100% of its solar generated power. With the system predicted to pay back the investment in less than four years, we’d say this business is well on its way to a profitable, greener future.

Dairy Farm, 

This busy Somerset Dairy farm is now powered by an aesthetically-pleasing array of Trina panels, working in harmony with industry-leading Solar Edge technology.


We chose to maximise the space on the outbuilding roof to over panel the inverter and offer maximum energy production, and whilst we were at it, we got to work on the Farmhouse itself, bringing an efficient, renewable energy supply to all areas of this thriving farm business.

Poultry Farm,

This Honiton-based poultry farm were looking for a unique solution to fulfil their renewable energy needs. Producing more than 3.5 million chickens per year from over six farms, their energy demands at this particular site were sizeable!

Unlike most commercial installations which are based on a three-phase system (the commonly used, economical means of bulk power transmission), this site required us to work with a split phase system with multiple (in-phase) AC voltage sources connected in series, delivering power to loads at more than one voltage, with more than two wires. Despite this, we were able to install over 120kW on the roof of the chicken house, comprising of a total of 308 Trina 395 panels and 8x8kW single phase SolarEdge inverters.

Dairy Farm & Farmhouse,

As is the case for the majority of agricultural businesses that we work with, the owners of Yew Tree reside in a farm house on site, which has its own energy needs along with that of the commercial operation.


Never phased by a quirk such as this, we set about designing a system that would feed the two entities in harmony.


With one SolarEdge inverter dedicated to the house supply and a further two to deliver the farm’s energy needs, we were able to achieve maximum capacity on both sides and capitalise on the East/West facing system.


Now benefitting from a 65kW system, this farm has made huge strides in reducing its carbon footprint in the process – win, win!

Dairy Farm, Twinhay

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Farm, Sandy's Hill

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Brewham Dairy Farm

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Bendall Farm

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