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Adapting to Your Energy and Design Needs

Your Eco understands that there is often a concern that solar panel may not aesthetically coincide with the building's design and surroundings. However, we believe that through creative problem-solving and innovation, there's always a way around this to ensure you can receive clean energy whilst maintaining visual appeal. Whether it be a unique design, an attempt to 'hide' solar panels from public view or an in-roof system, Your Eco can meet your aesthetic desires. 

Our bespoke projects are guided by our military approach and our strong company values

Due to our veteran roots, we use a military approach in our project delivery, ensuring that every problem is overcome with a suitable solution. This is further underpinned by innovation and partnership values, which means that no matter how unique your energy and design needs may be, you can trust that Your Eco will attempt to deliver a solar PV solution which meets your expectations. 

Bespoke Case Studies




This ​30kW Ground Mount was fitted onto a bespoke wooden frame in the stunning Cotswold area, and is just the first step in helping our client become completely carbon neutral within their own home. Using efficient Solar Edge technology and 116 top-of-the-range JA Solar panels will save 20,015 kg of CO2 every year! Our bespoke design didn't stop there, we buried 900 meters of ducting from the ground mount to the house to ensure there would be zero visual implications for our client! We are delighted to be taking this project even further and to help our client be completely powered by solar in our next step of this installation!

Harylewood House,


This 10 kW residential system was designed bespokely with aesthetics in mind by creating stepped terraces for which to install the solar panels on. In turn, this prevents them being seen from view while allowing for optimal orientation to enhance yield, generating enough electricity to power the main house and outbuildings.





This installation combines an innovative 4.6 kW single phase system, built into a bespoke wooden frame formed above a barren piece of land to create a raised solar array. In turn, this maintains a greenhouse effect for the growing tomato plants below the array, whilst blending into the surroundings. The system was designed with Solar Edge technology and feeds into a Tesla Powerwall system, which was incorporated to take the load of a new build lodge that will house a radio studio for the client. 


Pig Barn House,



Working on a three-phase barn with an unviable network electrification, Your Eco was tasked with designing a fully off-grid 15 kW system, coupled with Tesla battery storage and heating. Developing the energy concept to deliver on a luxury new build home, this project incorporates a modern, aesthetic design that truly proves solar panels do need to be design disruptions. 


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