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Adapting to Your Energy and Design Needs

We understand from personal experience the concerns with solar panels needing to work seamlessly within a building's design and surroundings. But we’re experts in balancing self-sufficiency, cost efficiency and the aesthetics of your residence.


Old or new, or a mixture of the two, we’re always willing to take on the challenge of a quirky building or estate. The Your Eco team are adept at coming up with creative solutions, grounded in world-leading, innovative Solar technology that supplies you with clean energy whilst maintaining visual appeal. Whether it be a unique design, an attempt to 'hide' solar panels from public view or an in-roof system, Your Eco can meet your aesthetic desires. 

Our private estate projects are guided by our military approach and our strong company values

Due to our veteran roots, we use a military approach in our project delivery, ensuring that every problem is overcome with a suitable solution. This is further underpinned by innovation and partnership values, which means that no matter how unique your energy and design needs may be, you can trust that Your Eco will attempt to deliver a solar PV solution which meets your expectations. 

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Private Estate Case Studies

Country Estate,
The Cotswolds

On a mission to go completely carbon neutral, this client completely entrusted us with this complex, renewable energy overhaul.


We started with the installation of a bespoke mounting system to house 204 solar panels, specifically designed to be concealed from eyeline. What followed was weeks of trench digging, before metres and metres of cabling were meticulously laid, taking in to account the quirks of the old building, the four separate entry points to the estate power supply and with utmost consideration for the landscape and aesthetics.


Enabled by 7 separate SolarEdge Inverters, backed up by Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge batteries, this 66kW system now fulfils all of the energy demands on this sprawling estate, with any excess power being sold back to the grid.

Stokeford Farm,

The owners of this Georgian mansion were looking to add to the 5kW system we had previously installed on their rooftop.


This time, we opted for a bespoke, ground-mounted solution, a mere stone’s throw from the main house and cleverly concealed from lines of sight behind the hedgerows of a surrounding field. As a bonus, this niftily avoided the need for planning permission, as console buckets do not require fixing to the ground, hence can be moved at any time.


The new setup consisted of 63 console buckets (one for each solar panel), an array of JA Solar all black panels and a further SolarEdge inverter to complement the existing system. Delivering an extra 22.96kW of power to this country pad and predicted to generate around 26kWh annually, as well as offsetting around 14 tonnes of carbon per year, we’d say this is fast becoming a green estate to be proud of.


This 24kW installation, comprising of 60 individual Trina Solar, all black panels is as sleek in design as it is in performance. As is our signature style, this array was built upon a bespoke ground mount, designed to avoid disturbing any lines of sight.


Thanks to this recent commission, and a further two Tesla Powerwalls being installed imminently, this beautiful country home now benefits from maximum output based on a two-inverter, single-phase system and has made huge green leaps into offsetting it’s own carbon footprint in the process. Bravo!

We work only with market-leading, specialist brands for abolute peace-of-mind when it comes to reliable, energy independence.

With SolarEdge, each solar module (or panel) on your roof is connected to a SolarEdge Power Optimizer which transforms it into a smart module. Working together with their high efficiency inverters, SolarEdge systems harvest the maximum amount of energy possible, regardless of shading, soiling, and other factors to provide your home with more electricity over the system’s lifetime.

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