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Teals Food Market

Teals are Somerset's newest food market, offering an array of exciting food options, from freshly baked bread through to handmade picnics in the orchard. With a vision to be a truly sustainable food market, Your Eco helped Teals create a building that would tread carefully on its environment.

​We installed a bespoke and highly innovative 30 kW in-roof system, set within and framed by corrugated metal sheets to provide a rustic look that blends into its surrounding. The solar array utilises an IRFTS SAS system, combined with SolarEdge Technologies affording online and integrated monitoring plus safe, low levels of DC voltage.

At 30 kW, the system will meet the base load of the large food market and provide heating, cooling and lights to a number of visitors. In addition, the market is equipped with it's own EV charge stations, making Teals the FIRST e-charging only stop on the A303. 


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