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Spectra-cular strides towards Carbon Neutrality

Spectra Group are now the proud owners of this bespoke ground mount, courtesy of Your Eco. We recommended a bespoke build for this one, to allow the 50kW array to be positioned as two sections and to minimise shading as much as possible.

Situated carefully in between the trees, the array of 124 sleek, all black Trina panel sits in harmony with the landscape. Rather awkwardly, the initial solution to the brief would have resulted in a quantity of panels which left mismatched ends, but thanks to our pride in always delivering a good-looking setup (and perhaps, a good deal of OCD!), this client received a bonus couple of panels on us to ensure a sleek finish.

This newly comissioned setup brings Spectra Group to nearly 70 per cent carbon neutrality. Plans are in place to install a Tesla battery bank by August 2022, which will save the remaining 30 per cent by storing excess electricity generated to use at night and during periods of low sunlight and using it to power backup services. Spectra also plans to plant new trees on the site to further improve the numbers. As well as the more important environmental investment the installation of the solar panels has projected savings of approximately £12,000 per year in energy costs.

“Nick worked with us to determine our energy requirements and assisted with the planning permission process.” Simon Davies, CEO of Spectra Group (UK) Ltd said “Even though we have some way to go to becoming carbon neutral we have made significant progress and working with Nick at Your Eco has definitely simplified the process for us”



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