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Cotswold Country Estate

When the owner of this sprawling estate in The Cotswolds reached out, we had an inkling that this was going to be one of our most iconic projects to date, and we weren't wrong...

On a mission to go completely carbon neutral, this client completely entrusted us with a complex, renewable energy overhaul on his private estate.

As ever, some of the joys of working on a private property (and particularly one of this age and size) are the quirks and character of building. Naturally, the aesthetics were at the forefront of our decision-making when it came to the location and design of the array. So it made sense that we took over the disused menagerie at the rear of the property for the main install.

Kicking off the legwork with 20 individual 120m boreholes for the Ground Source Heat Pump, there was some serious heavy lifting to be done on site. Hundreds of metres of cables were then laid deep into trenches in the ground which not only ensured that visibility of the system was kept to a minimum, it also meant that from one point of installation, we were able to provide power to five separate entry points into the property; two going into the main house, one to each barn and one into the workshop:

The solar array itself consisted of 204 individual Solar Edge panels and was installed upon a bespoke wooden-frame mounting system, specifically designed to be concealed from eyesight when looking back from the windows of the house.

And, while we were at it, we also upgraded the local transformer by working with SSE.

With utmost consideration for the landscape and surrounding environment, we ensured that disruption was kept to a minimum at all times and that any overturned ground was completely restored to its original state, if not better.

Enabled by 7 separate SolarEdge Inverters, backed up by Tesla Powerwall and SolarEdge batteries, this 66kW system now fulfils all of the energy demands on this beautiful estate, with any excess power being sold back to the grid.

How’s that for energy independence and a carbon clear conscience?!



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